Dr. Yingguang Liu

Dr. Yingguang LiuPhD, Ohio University, Athens, OH
Master of Medicine, Shanghai Medical University, Shanghai, China
Bachelor of Medicine, Shandong Medical University, Jinan, China

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About Dr. Liu

Yingguang Liu teaches biology on a level that threatens the neoDarwinian paradigm every day. “The delicate interplay of molecules within biological systems poses the greatest challenge to the gradualistic evolution of Darwinism,” he says. “The cells and molecules declare the glory of their creator.” His current research interest is human endogenous retroviruses.

Creation science should include all scientific studies of creation, he says. “My goal is to equip young Christians with the scientific knowledge and skills needed to strengthen their faith in a world of humanistic chauvinism. Good science done by creationists is a testimony to those who accuse fundamentalist Christians of being ignorant or anti-scientific. Our students should do well even in secular professions using science and technology.”

What Dr. Liu loves about teaching at Maranatha

“Diversity of academic programs while retaining the distinctive of a Baptist Bible college.”


Dr. Liu and his family attend Fellowship Baptist Church in Watertown, where he is a hospitality leader and is also currently serving as a deacon.

Published works

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Dr. Liu’s Abstracts

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