Missionary List

The following Maranatha alumni are currently serving the Lord in full time missions work. Whether church planting in the states, maintaining a camp, or doing missions on a foreign field, these alumni are using their training at Maranatha Baptist Bible College to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth. To be added to this list, please email your name, email, website, and any other pertinent info to alumni@mbbc.edu.

To view the missionary’s webpage, click their name.

Derek ('05) and Laura (Chapman, '04) BlackALASKAstandinginthegap@mac.com
Mike ('95) and Jennifer (Crater, '89) FiocchiALBANIAmfiocchi@baptistworldmission.org
Norman ('87) and Mary BrewerALBANIAnbrewer@baptistworldmission.org
Jeremy and Katie (Pierce, '01) EstremaARGENTINAjkestrema@gmail.com
Thomas ('09) and Donna EckmanARGENTINAtgeckman@gmail.com  
Scott ('80) and Melody (Bicha, '80) ChildsAUSTRALIAbchilds@baptistworldmission.org
Mark ('03) and Sara (Weilmuenster, '03) PittsAUSTRALIApitts74@yahoo.com
Fridolin ('77) and Eva-Marie (Stenzel, '77) JanzenBRAZILfjanzen@gmx.net
Bryan ('99) and Rebecca (Marriott, '99) BrockCALIFORNIAPastor@lifepointbaptist.org
Mark ('99) and Charity BrockCALIFORNIApastormarkbrock@yahoo.com
Steve ('94) and Shannon (Brock, '93) SteuerwaldCALIFORNIAsass93@netzero.net
Don ('03) and Karen WinchCAMEROONdwinch@baptistworldmission.org
Andy ('93) and Kim RynsburgerCANADAarynsburger@baptistworldmission.org
Dennis ('76) and Cheryl KilloranCANADAdenniskilloran@hotmail.com
Brian ('86) and Cindy (Nelson, '86) ThiessenCANADApastor@internationalbaptist.com
Reinhard ('79)CANADA
Don ('89) and Amy (Carter, '89) HeinzCHILEdonheinz@lvbaptist.org
Melissa ('99) SzydlowskiDOMINICAN REPUBLICmelszyd@gmail.com
Art ('87) and Debbie CunninghamENGLANDartanddebcunningham@gmail.com
Ron ('75) and Connie StidhamENGLAND
Kevin ('83) and Tamara (Temple, '83) BrosnanEUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA (FIELD ADMINISTRATOR)kbrosnan@baptistworldmission.org
Jim ('82) and Myra (Cummins, '83) WrightFURLOUGH REPLACEMENTjimnmy@gmail.com

Tim ('80) and Cynthia PetersonGERMANYTCALP777@aol.com
Peter ('77) and Inge KunstGERMANY
Tim ('94) and RoseAnne (Gordon, '94) BowerHAITIbowerhaiti@gmail.com
Clifton and Jane (Orr, '89) BullockHONDURAScliftonjane@juno.com
David ('71) and Jean (Foster, '69) PotterHUNGARYdpotter@baptistworldmission.org
Jim ('83) and Valerie (Quintana, '82) KniesHUNGARYjimknies@yahoo.com
Marc ('90) and Charin PattonHUNGARY
Jeff ('91) and Nora EstesIDAHOjeffestes@fellowshipwithhim.org
Eddie ('84) and Angelia ('82) EeINDONESIAeee@baptistworldmission.org
David ('92) and Valerie O' GormanIRELANDogorfam@eircom.net
Kieth ('84) and Linda ('85) BloydITALYkbloyd@baptistworldmission.org
John ('05) and Patty HimesJAPANjhimes@baptistworldmission.org
Brent ('87) and Karolyn HalsteadKENYAbhalstead@baptistworldmission.org
Rick ('82) and Sue (Hoeber, '84) SimonsenKENYArsimonsen@mail.baptistworldmission.org
Ockhyun and Yoon Jong ('84) KimKOREA
Steve ('97) and Dawn HunterKOSRAEmicronesianhunters@yahoo.com
Mark ('73) and Tacy (Bradford, '72) TolosaLITHUANIAMarkTacy@aol.com
Duane ('75) OttMALAYSIAottduane@singnet.com.sg
Arnulfo and Carrie (Davis, '86) MendozaMEXICOacmendoza4@hotmail.com
Chris ('90) SageMEXICOchrissage@fbmi.org
Don ('80) and Susan HolmesMEXICOdholmes@mail.baptistworldmission.org
Ken ('96) and Nancy KeglerMEXICOgringoviejo@Prodigy.net.mx
Sergio and Gloria (Jaramillo, '77) OrtizMEXICO
Jim ('01) and Sandy LeslieMILITARYntaarmychaplain@yahoo.com
Conrad and Heidi (Shrock, '01) HertzlerMOZAMBIQUEchertzler@maf.org
Janice ('81) FoersterNEW MEXICOJFoerster@isotechnetworks.net
Neil FoersterNEW MEXICOnfoerster@isotechnetworks.net
Joey ('09) and Leah Clapp NEW YORKjoeyclapp@yahoo.com
Rob ('82) and Beth Ann WorthingtonNEW YORKrworthington@bcpusa.org
Bob ('81) and Polly McLainNEW ZEALANDmclains@xtra.co.nz
Erwin and Amy (Miller, '98) SantosoNEW ZEALANDamy@nzmissions.com
Garth ('85) and Lynette (Hayward, '85) PiperNEW ZEALANDgpiper@baptistworldmission.org
Don ('71) and Kathy NiblettOKLAHOMAddniblett@sbcglobal.net
Jon ('03) and Heather (Rushton, '98) ClappPALAUjclapp@biblicalministries.org
Jim ('95) and Dana (Rodabaugh, '95) TowbermanPALAU
Bruce and Julie (Erb, '82) EnemarkPARAGUAY
Jon and Nisha (Adams, '93) HarrisPERUjonharris4@juno.com
Caleb ('02) and Eko (Schaumberg, '00) SteinPERUsteinsinperu@gmail.com
Randy ('90) and Kaye HackerPOLANDrandyhacker@xl.wp.pl
Georg ('71) and Opal ZimmerPUERTO RICO/WEST INDIESgwzimmer@zimmerfamily.org
Nathan and Amy ('96) FreelROMANIAcampfreel@juno.com
Keith ('98) and Kimmy (Wzorek, '98) CashnerSCOTLAND
Seng Fong ('74) and Daisy (Koh, '74) GohSINGAPOREgohsengfong@hotmail.com
Jerry (81) & Debbie (Backlund, '82) WilhiteSOUTH AFRICAjwilhite@lvbaptist.org
Kevin ('83) and Tammy (Temple, '83) BrosnanSOUTH AFRICAkbrosnan@mail.baptistworldmission.org
John ('00) and Nancy MooreSOUTH AFRICAmoorejohn3@gmail.com
Dan ('05) and Dee KowachSOUTH KOREAdkowach@baptistworldmission.org
Dwayne and Rachel (Phelps, '71) BukerSPAINbukerastursp@yahoo.com
Robert and Cindy (Kennedy, '84) RasmussenSURINAMErasbob@cleaninter.net
Melissa ('05) CarlsonSWEDENreachingswedenforchrist@yahoo.com
Pat ('86) and Mary (Rhine, '84) DelaneyTAIWANepdelaney3@gmail.com
BJ ('93) and Cathy SchultzTANZANIA
Tim ('82) and Beth ManesUGANDAmanes@truevine.net
Todd ('86) and Kelly (Miner, '86) MarshallUKRAINEtodd@bibliotekar.net
Karen ('69) KuhnsURUGUAYkuhnscom@adinet.com.uy
Daniel and Rebecca (Neubauer, '90) ValletteURUGUAYvallette@adinet.com.uy
Don ('82) and Lynda ChampeonVENEZUELAchampeon@gmail.com
Robert ('87) and Marjorie EngelhartWEST AFRICAbengelhart@baptistworldmission.org
Butch ('07) and Erin (Jenson, '07) ArchambeauWOLF MOUNTAIN CAMPerin@wolfmountain.org
Mike ('85) and Sandy (Larson, '84) HolmesWYOMINGmholmes@bym.org