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2/10/2014Rachel (Marriott '03) and Joshua ('03) Roberts- a daughter, Emma Leigh
1/22/2014Ann (Fredricks '05) and Mark ('06) Poorman- a daughter, Juliette Noel
1/2/2014Rachel (Kiper '04) and Peter Voss- twins, Kristi Erin and Karli Elise
12/27/2013Linette (York '12) and Nathanael Steinbart- a daughter, Hadassah Linette
12/13/2013Jennifer (Harley '09) and Geoffrey ('09) Stertz- a daughter, Natalie Joy
12/8/2013Valerie (Schultz) and Daniel ('12) Strait- a son, Elias Allen
11/28/2013Melissa (Daron '12) and Wil Clark- a daughter, Susan Ilyse
10/6/2013Tara (Stover '05) and Jim ('98) Shank- a son, Cooper James
10/2/2013Hope (Budahl '98) and Jonathan ('97) Robertson- a son, Benjamin Seth
9/28/2013Brittany (Buroker '05) and Adam ('07) Breiner- a son, Hudson Monroe
9/22/2013Abi (Potter '95) and David ('86) Anderson- a son, Andrew Milford
9/19/2013Aimee (Socci '05) and Jesse ('04) Hertzog- a son, Zachariah Joshua
9/17/2013Karen (Bramblet) and Sean ('07) Greer- a son, Benjamin Reagan
9/7/2013Charity (Wishart '05) and Isaiah ('06) Oetken- a son, Ezekiel Thomas
8/19/2013Abby (Miller '06) and Nathan ('08) Miller- a son, Reagan Nathan
8/19/2013Tanya and Steven ('10) DeWitt- a son, Silas Waters
8/15/2013Amanda (Martelli '05) and Justin ('05) LaCount- a son, Nathan Zachary
8/14/2013Joanna (Ray '09) and Jonathan ('08) Potter- a son, Quentin Joseph
8/9/2013Andrea and R. Lee ('95) Music- a son, Cole Tyler
8/6/2013Ranae (Peterson '09) and Micah ('06) Tanis- a son, Calvin Joel
7/16/2013Becky (Holl '88) and Johnny Walker- a daughter, Josie Kathleen
7/11/2013Marcy (Goodvin, '10) and Hanson Jordan- a son, Tobyn
7/11/2013Casey (Baldwin '05) and David ('04) Stertz- a son, Paxton James
7/9/2013Hannah and Michael ('02) Nadraus- a son, Micah Spurgeon
7/2/2013JoDee (Watson '02) and Jonathan Crocker- a son, Malachi Todd
7/1/2013Elisabeth (Maxfield '09) and George Smith- a daughter, Alexis Marie
6/25/2013Maegan (Wetzel '06) and Dan ('04) Loggans- a son, Haddon Robert
6/22/2013Anne (Ronemus '95) and Timothy ('97) Binkley- a son, Braxton David
6/14/2013Hannah (Kutz '07) and Timothy ('06) Miller- a daughter, Annie Mae
6/8/2013Jenny (Hutchinson '05) and Eric ('13) Whitmore- a daughter, Kathryn Jade
6/4/2013Amanda (Dunford '11) and Bennett, Jonathan ('09)- a son, Chase Jonathan
5/29/2013Jessica (Hraba '12) and Andrew ('10) Solarek- a son, Klayton Ford
5/29/2013Jennifer (Rachow '05) and Scott ('06) Jex- a daughter, Avonlea Makenna
5/28/2013Christina (Harrison '06) and Eric '07 Stanley- a daughter, Emma Leigh
5/28/2013Lindsay and Jarid ('11) Lawson- a daughter, Summer Grace
5/23/2013Beth (Davis '08) and Shayne Bosma- a son, Caleb
5/13/2013Michelle and Matthew ('05) Ledgerwood- a son, Calin David
5/12/2013Rebecca (Kobosh '10) and Jordan ('09) Brill- a son, Micah Jack
5/1/2013Beth (Riley '03) and James Koerts- a son, Jacob Erick
4/30/2013Laura (Neisler '08) and Jake ('06) Bennett- a daughter, Linden Grey
4/29/2013Ginny (Spees '03) and Josh ('03) Logan- a son, Charles Ryan
4/22/2013Sarah (Saverino '09) and James ('08) Wright- a son, Arthur
4/20/2013Erika (Licht '08) and Erik ('07) Eloe- a son, Emmett Lincoln
4/10/2013Julane and Jonathan ('07) McCarrell- a son, Levi Jared
4/9/2013Nadine (Flack '12) and Eric ('10) Hall- a daughter, Alethia Grace
4/4/2013Lianna (Walburg '04) and Jonathan Stockeland- a daughter, Leila Elaine
4/4/2013Kelly (Holt '06) and Kyle ('05) Parkes- a daughter, Sierra Dawn
3/31/2013Melissa (Aurand '12) and Peter Haese- a daughter, Madelynn Rose
3/20/2013Jillian (Busse '09) and Ben ('09) Hewison- a daughter, Addisyn
3/18/2013Wendy (Southwell '06) and Bret Anderson- a daughter, Flora Genevieve
3/16/2013Jennifer (Brockmann) and Lance ('10) Saxon- a son, David Lance III (Chipper)
3/4/2013Sarah (Bursack '02) and Caleb ('05) Stormer- a daughter, Ava Grace
2/19/2013Wendelyn (Gardocki '98) and Joshua ('00) Nelson- a son, William John
2/18/2013Sarah (Anderson '99) and Scott Hose- a son, Owen Everett
2/17/2013Tina (Yelland '10) and Jordan Davidson- a daughter, Juliet Ruth
2/15/2013Carla (Mallory '08) Snipes- a daughter, Macie Jane
2/3/2013Elizabeth (Karpenko) and Matthew ('11) Allen- a son, Joshua Lawrence James
1/28/2013Sarah (Dale) and Paul Phelps- a daughter, Anna Elyse
1/24/2013Kait (Clark '12) and Ben ('10) Hoover- a daughter, Nova Jean
1/21/2013Christina (Jarvis '07) and Fraser ('09) Armstrong- a son, Cole Jarvis
1/14/2013Elizabeth (Loggans '10) and Matthew ('09) Olson- a son, Owen Daniel
12/19/2012Christa (DeGraw '02) and TJ Roberts- a son, Micah James
12/18/2012Julie (Busch '03) and Scott Moreland- a daughter, Annabelle Rose
11/29/2012Katie (Kelley '11) and Blake ('09) Ginther- a son, Easton
11/22/2012Megan (Hibbs '06) and Michael ('02) Rudolph- a son, Piper Hayes
11/20/2012Tiffany (Sobczak '10) and Matthew ('08) Zajac- a son, Legend Matthew
11/15/2012Heather (Hafeli '06) and Frank ('06) McClure- a son, Trase Eric
11/9/2012Bonnie (Mills) and David ('11) Bloyd- a daughter, Hayley Abigail Marie
10/29/2012Amy (Radtke '08) and Eric ('09) Dunford- a son, Micah Randal
10/29/2012Kelli and Kenneth Barbic ('01)- a son, Joseph Steven
10/25/2012Alicia (Cole '10) and Nik Richards ('09)- a son, Kameron Scott
10/12/2012Jessica (Philyaw '04) and Jeffrey Jr. ('04) Borchardt- a son, Jonathann Dale
10/10/2012Sharon (Stevens '02) and Jon Anderson ('05)- a son, Luke Wesley
9/25/2012Tracy (Schroeder '02) and Matthew Estell- a son, Caleb Matthew
9/19/2012Heidiann and Jasper ('09) Shivers- a daughter, Aleyah Rose
9/16/2012Lis (Palpant '03) and Robert Reeise- a daughter, Olivia Rene
9/6/2012Melissa (Howe '02) and Paul Lucas- a son, Jared Dale
8/28/2012Vanessa (Lykowski, '06) and Tim Rodgers- a son, Weston Joseph
8/28/2012Lizzy (Darrow '08) and Tim ('09) Adam- a son, Caleb Isaiah
8/27/2012Ashley (Helmer '06) and Mark ('04) Winey- a daughter, Sophia Adele
8/25/2012Melody (Gillmore '95) and Jonathan ('01) Roberts- a daughter, Elisabeth Grace
8/20/2012Jill (Albright '07) and Steven ('07) Dow- a son, Aaron Grant
8/17/2012Jennifer (Martini '01) and Tim Meinhardt - a daughter, Brooke Ilise
7/20/2012Lori (Biastock '11) and Tim ('10) Struska- a daughter, Analise Nicole
7/03/2012Carissa (Paulson '11) Schumacher- a son, Malachi Wesley
6/28/2012Jessica (Aucoin '08) and Matt Asire- a daughter, Kendyl Annette
6/20/2012Ecko (Schaumberg '00) and Caleb ('02) Stein- a son, Isaac Nathaniel
06/16/2012Erin (Jenson '07) and Butch ('07) Archambeau- a daughter, Delaney Hope
6/11/2012Kristin (Fender '08) and David ('08) Cochran- a son, Tucker David
06/01/2012Renee (Sahlstrom '10) and Ronald ('07 & '09) Davidson- a daughter, Faith Elizabeth