Virtual Class

Join the classroom—live—without coming to campus!girlsatcomp

If you have a good internet connection (at least 5 Mbps download speed) and earbuds or a headset, you can join asynchronous, live, virtual seminary classroom. Test internet speed.

To participate in the course, you will need to be logged in at the exact time of the class. You will hear and see the lecture in real time, and you can ask questions and join the discussion in real time. Some virtual classes will last just a week; others will be semester-based courses (see list below).

Course work, in addition to the virtual classroom lecture and discussion, often also includes discussion forums, reading assignments, papers, projects, or assessments. Students enrolled in an 8-week online course may not take more than one virtual class at the same time without permission.

What do you need to join a virtual classroom:

  • High speed internet with download speeds of at least 5 Mpbs
  • A USB headset with mic (something like Logitech ClearChat Comfort Headset: Amazon).
  • Webcam

If you would like, Maranatha’s online support team will set up a time with you prior to the class beginning to test your connection and verify that your headset and webcamera work correctly.