Christmas Gift

Win a free t-shirt!

Merry Christmas from the Online Office! This Christmas, we want to give you a free t-shirt.

Refer a Friend

There are 2 ways to win free t-shirts:


Refer a new student* to Maranatha Online. If they take a class in the spring, you and your friend will receive a free t-shirt the first week of class.



Refer an eligible friend** for a free Degree Completion consultation through Maranatha Online.  You and your friend will receive a free t-shirt following the consultation.

Click here for t-shirt coupons to give to your friends

* To receive a t-shirt,  you cannot refer a current student or someone who has taken a class through Maranatha Online.
**To qualify for the degree completion program, someone must be 25+ and have completed some college.

Offer ends 12/31/12