Chad and Courtney Phelps

Maranatha wants to add our voices to those who are expressing their sorrow over the deaths of Chad and Courtney Phelps, and Tonya Weindorf from Colonial Hills Baptist Church. Chad and Courtney were students at Maranatha and left their impact on the faculty and students. We cannot begin to imagine the loss of a son, a daughter-in-law, and a grandchild on the way. We sorrow with the Phelps family, the Gaddy family, and the Weindorf family at this time.

We are thankful that we do not sorrow as others do. We rejoice in the lives that Chad and Courtney lived. While short, they affected many others. And we are confident that in their deaths, they will affect many others.

We weep with the families and friends, we rejoice with them. We rest in the knowledge that God knew all about this long ago, and we rest in His will. We may never know the why of a tragedy like this, but God knows, and that is sufficient for us.