Chick-fil-A Takes a Stand

Chick-fil-A Stands, Chicago Stumbles

Chick-fil-A is a privately held company, whose owners are born again believers who hold traditional values. In a recent interview, their CEO declared his belief in traditional marriage. He said nothing about discriminating in hiring or serving customers. He simply stated his values.

Chick-fil-A is seeking to increase its northern exposure. It is looking at building a new outlet in a rather rundown area of Chicago that could use some new businesses, but the councilman for that neighborhood has decided that the values of Chick-fil-A are not acceptable to his neighborhood, and in typical Chicago political fashion (I grew up in Illinois and will refrain from discussion of the dictatorial politics of Chicago), he has stopped the process. The mayor of Chicago, who happens to be on our President’s re-election team, has also declared that the values of Chick-fil-A are not the values of the entire city of Chicago and Chick-fil-A is not welcome in the city of Chicago. The attack on Christian values is in full swing in some places in America.

The political hypocrisy of the city leaders of Chicago is amazing. They have made a strong point in the past that discrimination based on sexual preference is completely unacceptable in Chicago, but discrimination against the sexual preference of a Christian is apparently fully acceptable. It would seem that discrimination is only a one-way street for them. My old nature says this is a lawsuit that makes me wish I were a lawyer working for Chick-fil-A – I would sue both of those men in civil court for the next 20 years of lost income from that store and press for a second trial for discrimination.

On the more spiritual side, however, Christians are going to be required to stand ever more diligently for our values and beliefs. The mayor of Chicago has declared that traditional Christianity is no longer welcome in Chicago. That means that many of the churches there are apparently no longer welcome. I think it is highly unlikely the mayor would be so bold or so stupid as to attack churches on the basis of sexual preference, but at least Chicagoans now know that they are welcome in their own city only if they bow to the values of its mayor, who is so arrogant as to believe that he speaks for the entire city. And some people think Romney is out of touch with reality!