Room Check/Inspection

When all occupants of a room are out of the residence, the door should be locked. The windows should be closed if rain is expected. Radios, lights, and fans should be turned off.

Room Inspection/Search

The Administration reserves the right to conduct routine room inspections and also to conduct any announced or unannounced room searches deemed reasonable and necessary by the Dean of Students, Dean of Men, Dean of Women, and/or Residence Hall Supervisors.

Room Check

  • Room cleaning job schedules are to be posted on the back of the room door or on the tack strip next to the door.
  • If you receive a demerit notice for a room duty, you will have 24 hours to see the Dorm Supervisor about the notice.
  • Demerit amounts for Room Check may increase at the Dorm Supervisor’s discretion.

Room Check expectations for Monday – Friday are as follows:

  • Beds made neatly, desk & dresser tops organized.
  • All furniture neatly arranged and dusted.
  • Windows and mirrors cleaned.
  • Carpet clean/free from dirt and debris.
  • Clothing put away properly.
  • Trash emptied (wastebasket washed when needed).
  • Lights and equipment turned off.
  • Doors and windows locked.

Room cleanliness expectations ~ The Daily Standard

The expected level of cleanliness for your room at all times except for the higher standard at Room Check time.

  • Laundry put in its proper place (laundry basket or put away).
  • Dresser drawers closed.
  • Clean floor (personal items put away, trash put in its proper place).

White Glove Check

White Glove check will take place at the end of each semester. The Dorm Supervisor will give details at that time.
  • If you desire to go away for the weekend proceeding White Glove, then you must return on Sunday – even if you do not have an exam on Monday (White Glove day) [SL 12/10].